Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Top Ten Favorite Pinterest Pins

As I promised yesterday, here are my top 10 pins.  These are MY favorite either because I have used them over and over again, or because they were just awesome to begin with.

10. Pin 80: Knitted swiffer cover. I have already received requests for these for Christmas gifts. Better get started now!
9.  Pin 49: Mommy dress.  I wear this all the time and always get compliments on the color combo. I did go back and fix the sleeves, just in case you were wondering.

8.  Pin 31: Frozen yogurt dots. We can't walk by the yogurt at the grocery store without my kids asking to make these.
7. Pin 71: Lemon slices and daisies. I am still amazed at how long these flowers stayed beautiful and fresh. Weeks.
6.  Pin 53: Homemade pita bread. Simple and delicious. So many ways to stuff the leftovers never last long. But best right as they are coming out of the oven hot.
5.  Pin 35: Honey Almond Sugar Scrub. I love this as a facial scrub and use it nearly every day. I have used this basic formula to create other varieties by using flavored teas and different extracts.

4.  Pin 23: Sock bun. A pinterest legacy. I don't get super awesome curls but I think it is a fun way to wear my hair up and out of the way. A change from the boring ponytail, a comfortable way to sleep, and a great way to hide hot-mess-mommy hair. I still think its weird when people know I'm wearing a sock on my head though.
3. Pin 12: Glow bath. My kids ask for this all the time. I use it as a reward for good behavior or as a trick to get them into a bath when I am just too exhausted to fight.
2.  Pin 5: Make your own foaming soap. Genius. I will never buy foaming soap for my children ever again. You can create this for pennies.
1. Pin 37 & Pin 90: Technically two projects but they came from the same pin so I am considering them one. The tank maxi and short dresses. I always get compliments on these when I wear them out.

My top five posts based on YOU! Ranked by popularity & views:

5. Pin 69: Microwave corn to remove silks & husks lickety-split

4.  Pin 89: Cafe Rio Chicken: Made in the slow cooker with so many uses.

3.  Pin 92: Classic Baby Blanket Crochet Tutorial. Almost done with number 2.

2.  Pin 90: Short tank dress
1. Pin 91: Jillian Michaels Detox Drink. Aren't we all looking for a quick way to lose weight?

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