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Homemade pore strips--you know, like those Biore strips? Clever, right?

I'll admit, I don't have horrible skin. But I do have icky pores, for sure. I love pulling out all that gunk with the pore strips. I just love looking at all the gunk pulled out and feeling so refreshed afterward.

And here I am. Braving it all and sharing my personal photos with the world.

The before pores:

Following her directions, I mixed this up and slapped it on, FAST. She really drives home that you need to put it on fast. I had my mirror all positioned near the microwave and spread it on with the back of the spoon. Until it is fairly dry, this stinks!

Biore strips were only made for the nose and chin. I had always wished there were strips for other parts of the face. As she did, I applied it all over.
A few minutes later it was starting to set.
 Roughly 20 minutes later, I started the work of peeling it off. I started at my chin and worked the way up. Immediately, I noticed that there is something missing from the directions. While the mixture is drying, you should drink a very stiff cocktail.

Peeling this off is so very painful. I consider myself to have a rather high pain tolerance. This hurt. My husband asked more than once if I needed to go to the emergency room. In addition to taking off this first layer of skin, it took off every tiny hair. Ouch! I started to get worried when I noticed this giant stray hair that had embedded itself in the mask!

Very worried about this hair.

And I lost some eyebrow.

A chunk of baby hairs near the hairline.
 I did my best to spare the eyebrows and baby hairs by tearing off the mask and leaving the parts that were adhered to hair.

Saving the eyebrows and hairline.

For all the pain, for all the effort, I had one pore out. Seriously, I checked every little chunk that came off. For all the hairs and eyebrows sacrificed, I had one pore.

See my little pore.
And finally, the after picture:
Before on the left, after on the right.

Total cost: $2.29 for gelatin

Total time: 30 minutes including drying time. (Which you should utilize to prepare for the upcoming pain.)

Final verdict: Beauty may be pain, but this pain did not yield as dramatic results as I had wanted. I will not be doing this one again. The recipe made at least enough to cover two faces. I would recommend sticking to the Biore defined areas (nose and chin.) The cheeks, upper lip, and hairline were, by far, the most painful areas to peel this off of. It did exfoliate well and did remove unwanted (and some wanted) hair.

FYI: You can soak off the remaining pieces with warm water.

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