Monday, July 16, 2012

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I was making lunch for the boys last week. L often doesn't put in a lunch order, just says "surprise me." Being the good eater he is, pretty much anything I put on his plate he will gobble up. We had some bananas needing to be eaten so I decided to whip up an Elvis Presley special. I told him, "This is Elvis's favorite sandwich. Peanut butter and bananas." He then wanted to know who Elvis was and why this sandwich was so good and who made this sandwich for Elvis and did Elvis's mom know he was going to like peanut butter and bananas and did Elvis ever eat anything else other than peanut butter and banana sandwiches and. . . and . . .and. . ? Child of 1000 questions.

So I pulled out my iphone and dialed up some Elvis on Pandora. He was at the table and I was in the kitchen working on my lunch so the music was a little hard for him to hear. I popped my phone into a glass. He could hear it perfectly. It was actually so loud I had to turn it down to save my ears. This worked.

It is no fine quality speaker, but it worked in a pinch and was free! A great option for around this house because, sadly, I do not own speakers for my phone. Who needs speakers when you have a drinking glass?? The original poster actually said she preferred her coffee mug to the drinking glass. I guess I'll try that next time.

Elvis was done shaking his hips and Ben had moved on in.
Total cost:$0

Total time: 10 seconds

Final verdict: A cool trick to impress all your friends. We will definitely use this around the house.

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