Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rewards for good behavior

When I was creating the "BIG" rewards to go with our new behavior chart (Pin 104) I looked around a little to find some ideas to use. I didn't want them to all be costly, or sweets related, or TV time things. I actually didn't find a whole lot of suggestions out there, other than picnic or park.  I thought of things I know he really likes to do or really wants to do. If he asks for something big, we decided throwing it in here is a good option. I am okay with spending a little money here and there, or a little sweets here and there. Everything in moderation.

 Here are the choices we threw in:

1. Bubble bath or "glow bath" (See Pin 12)

2. Pick a restaurant and go eat there.

3. Make a fort (with blankets and chairs) and play in it.

4. Movie date night out with mom or dad.

5. Stay up one hour later.

6. Ice cream trip.

7. 30 extra minutes of computer or ipad time.

8. Movie night! Pick a movie and have popcorn in the living room. (Seriously, a big, big deal around here.)

9.  Bake cookies or cupcakes together.

10.  Make your own pizza night. (A fun night around here.)

11.  One hour of play in the front yard. (We play mostly in the back because I can supervise from the windows, the front yard is extra special and usually ends up with bike riding.)

12.  Special trip to buy a new toy. (Set dollar amount.)

13.  Trip to the park, you pick which park.

14.  Invite a friend over for a playdate.

15.  Game night with mom or dad.

16.  Skip quiet time one day. (Mandatory quiet time around here involves everyone in their own room for 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours daily.)

17.  Camping out in the living room for one night. (Sleeping bags on the floor, optional tent.)

18.  Root beer floats at snack time.

19.  Computer time at the library. (This is HUGE! He loves the library computers and I rarely let him play.)

He got his first big reward tonight. I gave him all the cards with the options on them and he lined them up on the floor creating a big train. He then went and read each one individually. Handing them back to me if he wasn't choosing that one. "Bake cookies or cupcakes!! Yummy! I'm saving that one for last."  "Where is that movie theater one? Oh yeah, I'm gonna get that one next time." You know what the first reward he picked was?

Game night with mom or dad. I think this speaks volumes about children. I assumed he would pick ice cream or movies, or new toy. But he chose game night, which means he chose us. His special reward for all his hard work is to spend quality time with us.  He chose it without hesitation and without regret. I guess that means that game night needs to be more of a regular thing and less of a BIG reward, huh?
I love this guy.

What do you reward your children with?


  1. This is a fantastic post ... loved reading it, and love the choice he made ... wonderful childhood in motion .... my son is now 21 and I love it when he chooses to spend time with mom...