About Pinspiration

Any project that is not my original idea is given credit to the original source when available. I find inspiration for my posts through Pinterest and, as you may know, sources are not always available or accurate. If the Pinterest source does not appear to be the original, I put forth my best effort to locate the original source to give credit. Unfortunately, the original source is not always available. I link to the source at the time of post publication and can not be responsible for web addresses that change or no longer exist. If you find an incorrect link for an original source please contact me with the correct information and I will be happy to correct it in my post.

I do not share the ingredients/directions/tutorial instructions provided by the original source. Please visit the source page for this information. I will share any modifications I did to the original. If the original pin was a picture for inspiration I will share my methods--although they are not usually as good as the original.

I will not make another person's idea for you for pay--this is especially important if it is available from the source (i.e., on etsy, a pattern shop, etc.) Please contact the original source for this information. I do make items for myself and for gifts for my friends and family. I accept no pay for these things.

Thank you for being my faithful followers. I am thankful everyday when I see you stopping by my page. I love comments. I love hearing about your experiences with the same pins. I love to hear your recommendations for pins. I love being creative and it is so much more rewarding to me than sitting on my rump in front of my TV. (Not that I don't take a night here and there to sit on my rump in front of the TV.)

I have heard from people who say that I have inspired them to start cooking/sewing/taking time for themselves and what a change it has made in their lives. That feedback is invaluable to me.

Be Pinspired! xoxo

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