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A tutorial for crocheting granny squares.

On the way home from our vacation a few weeks ago I needed something to pass the time. I had some yarn and a crochet hook and decided the car ride would be a good time to learn granny squares.

Firstly, this website has some absolutely gorgeous photographs and gorgeous crochet projects.

Secondly, the tutorial was very easy to follow. There was only one item that wasn't immediately clear to my newbie crochet self. That was that after step one, in which you make the initial loop, that the next layer is worked through the ring you created in step one. I thought you were working through the loop stitches but I just couldn't seem to make that work. When I worked round two through the ring it seemed to come out like the picture. Someone correct me if I am wrong on this one. . .

After I worked through that first problem, the rest of the tutorial was awesome. I can whip these puppies out pretty quickly. I just kept going and made my squares with a few more layers. I have a couple squares lying around now. They are easy and fast to make. I'm going to have to revisit this site when my collection gets big enough because she shows you how to join them all up for a blanket.

Total cost: $0. I just used leftover yarn I had lying around.

Total time: 45 minutes - 1hour per square

Final verdict: I was surprised at how easy this was. This post is out of order because I actually made these before I made the baby blanket. It was a easy way to learn the double crochet stitch. Although this site doesn't actually detail the double crochet stitch itself, but the granny square is made with double crochet. I have this blanket made for me as a child that is a bunch of randomly colored granny squares. I am totally inspired to create one of these now that I can granny square! I'll probably finish it in about 20 years--in time for my grandchildren. Ha!

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