Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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I was throwing together lunch for the boys today when I realized I had two hot dogs and only one bun. Little man will ask for a bun, and big brother will want one when he finds out there is only one. I had to do something to distract them from the lack of bun. Octopus hot dogs it is.

I sliced each hot dog in half. For the legs I just cut through, lengthwise, the bottom half of each half, turning 1/3 each time. (Three cuts total.) Yeah, I only had six legs, but no one counted.

I didn't like my toothpick created eyes, so I used some of those long skinny chocolate sprinkles. Ketchup for a mouth, drawn on with a toothpick. Some of the mouths were more blob than smile. Great for the boys because then they had "an angry octopus" and "the happy one." They loved this. It was easy and fun.

The angry one and the happy one

Time for battle of the octopi!!
Total cost: $0 for two leftover turkey dogs

Total time: 2 minutes

Final verdict: They absolutely LOVED it. No one even noticed they didn't have a bun. And sprinkles for lunch!! (Yes, two measly sprinkles, but that counts!)  Don't do this if you don't want your kids to play with their food.

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