Sunday, August 26, 2012

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The pinner said "Flatten a slice of wheat bread, cover it in peanut butter and roll it around a banana. Slice like sushi and drizzle with honey!" I thought this would be perfect for the kiddos.

I am always searching for lunch to serve the boys other than pb & j's or spaghetti o's. This was a cute idea and actually came in very handy when I had only a few slices of bread left and a couple of bananas that only had one or two good days left in them.

I skipped the honey drizzle, but I did put a tiny dab of marshmallow cream in the roll with the peanut butter. 

Either my bread was small or my bananas were large, but I had trouble getting the bread to wrap all the way around the banana. See in the picture above where the bread tore a little as I tried to stretch it around the banana? Also, it needs to be cut very delicately. I would suggest a serrated knife because the smooth one started to squish the banana out!

This one got a little mangled in the process.
Total cost: $0. It made the last few slices of bread stretch a little farther.

Total time: 5 minutes

Final verdict: These were delicious! The eating boy ate two whole rolls (equivalent of two slices of bread and one banana) and the non eating boy almost finished one roll. I had to deny the request for more because we were out of bread! We called it banana sushi and L thought it was "Yum, yum, yummy!" If you've been reading along, you may remember we have been helping L cope with effects of his asthma medication by making sure he has appropriately timed and filling, nutritious snacks. This one is a winner and will be a good one to put in our rotation. Easy enough to pack for school as well!  If you banana is too ripe to hold its shape, it would still be yummy to smash it up and layer it on top. It might help it all fit together too. Might have to try that one next time.

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