Thursday, August 2, 2012

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Does your home have Olympic fever like ours does?

We have gymnasts, divers, and swimmers running all over this place lately!

Yesterday he was practicing platform diving on the couch. 
And I, as any good parent of an Olympian, was taking pictures.

The boys are so, so, so into the Olympics. I saw this craft on Pinterest and just knew we could do it. Yesterday we ran to our favorite dollar store and picked up a few white tees. We have tons of those red plastic lids floating around.

Apparently the lid we used had an extra rim on top of the rim so we ended up with a little bit of a different effect, but still pretty cool, I think.

They had fun making them. W was a little upset that I didn't hand over the paintbrush and PERMANENT paint at the end, but he got over it.

We sported them around town today. I was a little jealous I didn't have one for myself.

Total cost: $2 for 2 shirts at the dollar store.

Total time: 10 minutes to paint.

Final verdict: I convinced big brother that if he didn't sleep in it tonight, I would wash it and he could wear it tomorrow. He's got a pretty hot playdate in the morning that he wants to wear it to so he obliged. Can't look quite as cool with day-old chocolate ice cream stains down your shirt. It is so fun for me that they are so into the Olympics this year! And I get mommy points for creating afternoon craft time!

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