Friday, August 24, 2012

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Back to school time! We've been busy getting ready to send our oldest off to Kindergarten. I took a break from sobbing to put together this little gift for his teacher.

I was going to get some more expensive lotion but when I saw this I thought it was more appropriate. What Kindergarten teacher doesn't need something that is positive, nourishing, and, above all, energizing??

I took it that additional step and added in the hand sanitizer too. Must be the nurse coming out in me.

I updated the card. Wrote my stuff inside and let L write a message to his teacher also. Clipped it on to the ribbon with a clothes pin and headed out to meet the teacher night.

Total cost: $5

Total time: 15 minutes. I am a slow stamper.

Final verdict: I've never given a back to school gift to the teacher but I thought this might get US off to a good start seeing that I'm a little torn up about this whole Kindergarten thing lately. It was cute without being pricey.

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