Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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A sweet, gooey concoction of popcorn, marshmallow, brown sugar, and butter. How could this go wrong?

After receiving a rave recommendation from a Pinterest friend, I decided to whip this up for a snack this afternoon. My boys love popcorn and marshmallows. We've never mixed them together, but I figured they would love this.

It was easy to prepare and I had all the ingredients available without going on a store run.

The eldest was interested, my baby wanted nothing to do with the stuff. Serious crying, thrashing, fist pounding refusal.

This was sweet, very, very sweet. Neither myself or L wanted more than 1 cup of it. It was good, but sickeningly sweet, which is probably good since there is an entire stick of butter in this! The boys were also very concerned with the stickiness so I had to give them each a wet washcloth next to their cup of popcorn. W wouldn't even try it when I offered to feed it to him. He has such a sweet tooth I thought he might change his mind if he got a taste.

Total cost: $0, everything already available

Total time: 5 minutes including popcorn popping time

Final verdict: Great if you are looking for something sweet, but too sweet for us. Would make some yummy popcorn balls or good party food. We probably won't make this again, but it wasn't bad. There is still 3/4 of the bowl waiting to be eaten that will probably end up trashed later.

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