Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pin 116

The Forgotten Files--installment one

Every so often I will do a pin and then totally space out and forget to photo it or blog about it altogether. Summer has been busy and I've been working on a very labor intensive pin to show you in September (hopefully). I'm going to play a little catch up and fill you in on pins done that don't have photos to go with them.

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More corn! I love corn. Especially this delicious summer corn on the cob we have right now at the farmers market for pennies. Delish.

One of my most popular posts, Pin 69, microwaved corn, was so good I had to compare the results to this--oven corn. Basically the same concept only made in the oven.

Back in July the boys had swimming lessons at night, every night, for two weeks which really made dinner time hard. Having dinner before lessons was too early, but if I waited to cook until we got home, it was too late and the kids were a starving mess. I didn't want fast food or cereal every night so I had to get familiar with the automatic start/stop function on my oven (in addition to a few crock pot nights.) 

One night I lined up a few ears of corn next to my casserole, programmed the oven, and headed out the door. Just as I was nervous with the corn in the microwave the first time, here I was again. Nervous about setting the corn husk on fire only this time no one was home! Am I insane? I at least timed it so that we would come home 5 or 10 minutes before it was done. I guess I thought maybe that way I could fight the fire myself?? I don't know.

Anyway, the corn did NOT catch on fire. I left it in for 30 minutes. It was cooked, hot, and delicious but it was not the miracle that the microwave does to it. Maybe if I had cooked it hotter, or longer? Not sure. It was done, but the silks were not off the way they are from the micro. Nice try, but it is back to the microwave for me. I have continued over and over to cook in the microwave and it works every single time. Love it.

Here is what we did while the corn cooked.
Total cost: $1 for a family's portion of corn.

Total time: 30 minutes in the oven while the boys splashed across town.

Final verdict: Nice try, but I'm sticking to my microwave.

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  1. i personally am more a fan of corn in husk on the grill. i have tried in the oven, but not the microwave yet.