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The little girl I've been sewing for lately needed a swaddle wrap to add to her collection. As a neonatal nurse for over 10 years I have performed the swaddle literally hundreds of thousands of times. I have very specific requirements and techniques for it. I looked at this tutorial and a couple of other pictures of different styles of wraps and then just made my own pattern. I took out the Velcro. Instead, I made the right wrap to encircle the baby completely. Sadly, I had no model available so I had to steal Mr. Kitty late at night out of one of the boys rooms. He seemed to be about the size of a newborn, just fluffier.

I added some extra lightweight interfacing to the swaddle straps to help them keep their shape. I also made the entire thing out of cotton. It is August in Texas. No infant should be dressed in flannel or fleece this time of the year.  Safe Sleep recommendations warn against overheating so I felt cotton was a good choice. Cotton outer shell, cotton lining, extra lightweight interfacing, and matching thread were my supplies.

I played around with it a little and it was very simple to piece together. Finished it up and tried it on Mr. Kitty.

The top strap started at the right, went over both arms and around the back. Mr. Kitty is pretty squishable so his top strap went pretty far.

Thanks for sharing Mr. Kitty with me, L.
 Total cost: Not gonna say--it was a gift. I used about 3/4 yd each of lining and outside. I didn't even think to take a picture of it open so I could show you the pretty lining and how I changed the straps.

Total time: 2 1/2 hours but that includes the figuring out how to make this time. When I sew without a pattern I usually have to sit down and visualize it for a few minutes first.

Final verdict: It fit Mr. Kitty pretty well. I didn't get to try it on baby because when I went by she was out of the room for tests. I was a little worried it wasn't going to be long enough for her. Next time I will make the foot portion narrower and longer. This time it was more of an oval shape from shoulders to feet.

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Wrap baby gift in a blanket instead of paper.

So I made her a receiving blanket and wrapped up her pink stuff inside.

Total cost: no comment--gift

Total time: I can make a receiving blanket in 20-30 minutes or so.

Final verdict: Pretty presentation. Got that baby girl some pink now!

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