Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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It's raining babies around me. I love to make baby gifts. One of my dearest friends was having her baby shower this past weekend and I really wanted to make this for her. I found it originally on ravelry.com and pinned it to my crochet board. Ravelry had it rated as easy. Just what I need.

I grossly underestimated the amount of time this would take me. I am no crochet professional, that is for sure. I wanted to start this when we were on vacation but I didn't have time to get the yarn before we left so I had to wait until we got home. That gave me just 8 days to whip this together. I worked on it night and day, during every class my child had at the rec center, during nap time. . . and I finished it the morning of the shower, just in time, whew! It was far from perfect. I wish I had had more time to make it perfect. I can only hope the mistakes that are so obvious to me are not obvious to everyone else! I know the baby won't notice them, at least! I can say that although I felt rushed in making it, and its not perfect, it was made with lots and lots of love.

The pattern itself was gorgeous. I just love it so much. I made it with 100% cotton yarn (I Love Cotton from Hobby Lobby) and it was soooo soft. I wanted to keep it for myself and snuggle up with it. And it was easy, I'll admit that. I did have to google how to crochet in the back loop.

I have already started the next one. I don't know who it will be for yet, I have so many babies growing around me right now! But I guess whoever's popping around the time I wrap it up will get this one! I predict that at a leisurely pace, this will take around one month.

I didn't get a great picture of the finished product, I had to wrap it up and head out to the shower! But I snapped a quick close-up right before it went in the gift bag.
The scalloped edge is the border. The blanket is folded over on itself so I could show you the border. My rows were straight, but my picture made them look crooked.
Total cost: Not saying--it was for a gift! But I used 4 1/2 small skeins of cotton.

Total time: 7 days, all consuming! But totally worth it.

Final verdict: I want one for myself! Do you think and adult sized one would weigh a gazillion pounds? Probably.

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