Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kid's Car Dining

This wasn't a true pin because I didn't find it on Pinterest, but I totally stole it from Lindsay's facebook picture she posted a while back. She posted a cutie with a perfectly sized and perfectly deep tray in his lap munching down a happy meal. She found hers in the dollar spot at Target but they are no longer. I had to find my own solution because I thought this was just genius.  This was my one splurge in preparing for the car trip because I spent more than I had planned on them.

In the storage section at Target I found some boxes that were just the size and depth I had envisioned. And as a bonus these had lids which I thought would be perfect since we would be in the car. After dining, I could just pop the lids back on and clean them out at the next stop.

I stored them on the floor beneath their seat so they were easy for me to reach and the lids protected them from dirt and grass falling in them. (I had to sticker them with their names so that there was zero chance of fighting over which tray belonged to which boy.)

 This size couldn't have been any more perfect. They fit just in between the edges of the car seat so that they sat on their laps comfortably.
Stored down below for easy access
Once we got to the condo, these were used again. With limited seating options, I served a few meals in these and let the kids park it on the couch. I loved these so much. I may use them around the house for special movie meals in the living room or keep them permanently stashed in the car for meals on the go. They were so good at containing the mess.

Originally I thought they could also use the closed tubs for play/coloring surface, but since they had the cookie sheets, (see Pin 87) they never tried that idea out. However, these were also good for baby mermaid swimming.

Wibby and his red mermaid he picked special for the trip.

Total cost: $10 for two tubs with lids

Total time: 0 minutes.

Final verdict: Loved having these in the car. They contained the eating mess from their laps and then the lids contained the leftovers until we could stop to clean up. Thanks for making me a better traveler, Lindsey! I always knew you were a smart mom.

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