Monday, June 4, 2012

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White strawberry sangria that promised to knock my socks off!

Our neighbor invited us over for an evening of swimming and grilling this weekend. I thought this was the perfect excuse to try this one out! I worked Saturday night and this was easy to put together in the afternoon when I got up.

The first taste for me was very, very, rum-y. The recipe called for 16 oz of soda but after that first taste I went ahead and put in two full cans--a total of 24 oz of soda. After that it was perfect. It was very tasty for sipping by the pool on a hot afternoon. I don't really think you can mess up sangria. I just adjust the ingredients as I go along to suit my taste.

And it was beautiful too!!

Extreme close up of the beautiful fruit!
Total cost: $15 for the pitcher. You could adjust that based on what kind of wine you use.

Total time: 10 minutes to prepare. 4 hours to chill.

Final verdict: This was a strong drink! It knocked my socks off AND made me forget where I left them!

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