Thursday, June 7, 2012

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My husband was in awe when he realized I was making these. Every time the phone rang he kept saying to the other person, "Guess what she's making now? No, Cheese-its. No, really. Is there anything she can't do?"

Mine did not turn out as pretty as hers. Tasty--yes, pretty--no. My cheese didn't incorporate well so you could still see all the individual little shreds. When they baked up my crackers looked like they had little zits where the cheese bubbled. Also, even though I thought I had rolled them thin enough, I guess I hadn't. The bottoms were cracker-y but the tops were bread-y. Soft, warm, cheesy bread that was delicious. The last batch I baked which was the scraps smashed back together was actually the best batch. By this point, the cheese was well incorporated and the dough was room temperature and easier to work with. The taste was spot-on for the real thing. Even if my texture was off, I could taste the familiar cracker in there. With the too thick cracker, it was like having two treats. We started separating the crunchy bottom from the bready top and eating them apart. Crunchy cheesy cracker--treat one. Second bite, soft, ooey gooey cheesy bread--treat two.

I will make these again because I was just too close to the real thing not to try again. Next time I will mix with my hands to incorporate everything. This time I used my mixer because it seemed easy and that is what the original poster used in her pictures. Then, I will let the dough warm a little before rolling out, although if the ingredients are better mixed this may not be necessary. Thirdly, I may flip them halfway through baking so they can get crispy crunchy on both sides.

My pimply crackers.
Total cost: $1.79 for cheese

Total time: 1 hour 15 min

Final verdict: Round two is coming. Amazed at how they taste just like the real thing. Despite my texture being off, everyone in the house ate them AND thought they were awesome.

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