Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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Back on Pin 60 I mentioned that I had to buy a rather pricey tub of powdered milk. I used a small quantity for the cheese making and was looking for some more recipes that called for powdered milk. My friend suggested these no-bake breakfast bars.

I have actually made them a few times now but I keep eating them before I can take a picture. They are seriously that good. This is a Weight Watchers recipe, but probably only because they try to make it 6 servings. I could literally eat the entire recipe in one sitting. Peanut butter is one of my all time favorite foods and these are basically glued together with the stuff.

Speaking of glue--making these is an ooey-gooey mess. The first time I made them I forgot to take my rings off and when I was done I had to get out my little jewelry brush to knock all the peanut butter out of the settings. I found that shaping them in to the "sticks," as the directions call for, was nearly impossible. It was so sticky on my hands and the portion size is small that my sticks looked like ugly little logs. I made them into cookie shapes the first time. After that I decided to use some wax paper to assist in the shaping. I dumped all the ingredients on one side of a sheet of was paper and folded the other side over. Then I shaped it through the wax paper and opened it up and cut it into many bite sized pieces. That way I can just take a bite every time I walk by.

Total cost: $0--everything was already in the pantry.

Total time: 5 minutes

Final verdict: Well, considering I had to make this multiple times in order to remember to take a picture, I would say its a winner. It is a great mix of sweet, ooey gooey, and crunchy all together. It would NEVER fill me up as a breakfast bar, but as a treat it is awesome. It is way better for you than grabbing a peanut butter cookie and I can feed it to my kiddos and tell them its a cookie without feeling guilty for loading them up with sugar. I will probably keep making these at least until my gigantic tub of powdered milk is gone.


  1. I cut big squares of wax paper, drop a heap on and fold the wax paper over to roll it into a log - then I twist the ends of the wax paper. I make a bunch of single serving logs like this then stick them in a baggie and toss in the freezer...kids sometimes eat them frozen or I put in fridge to thaw and they eat them cold - way less sticky :)

  2. The lunchroom ladies used to make these when I was in elementary school. They made them into little logs and rolled them in crushed corn flakes. Loved lunch on the days we got peanut butter logs!