Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pin 87

We just got home from our beach vacation so the next few posts will all be pins we did on our trip.

Original Pin:

This blogger suggested to place magnetic strips on the back of puzzles to do in the car on a cookie sheet.

I didn't do the magnets but I did do the puzzles and the cookie sheet. I picked up a dollar store cookie sheet and a dollar store puzzle for big L. He loves doing puzzles and this was actually the first thing he pulled out once we hit the road. Since it had a lip on the edge, I thought it would still work for the car despite the magnetics.

Our dream was shot down pretty quickly when he discovered that the puzzle was too big for the cookie sheet. Bummer. Guess we should have checked that one out before we left.

However, the cookie sheets did come in handy for the car ride. I had picked up two (because you can't just have one item and two boys) and they were awesome for coloring book surfaces and baby mermaid swimming while we were in the car. On the return trip, I used one for my lunch platter. They were great noise makers, too, when the boys were really getting antsy and bored. That's when I snatched them and stashed them under the seat (which, by the way, they are super easy to store since they are so thin.)

Total time: 0 min

Total cost: $3 because we had to have two cookie sheets.

Final verdict: They didn't work out for the puzzle this time. Maybe next time we will make sure to check the finished size of the puzzle first. But they did come in really handy for the long car ride. These will probably make it to future car rides.

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