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Our theme for the teacher's appreciation luncheon was yellow, so I did not go with the red bandanna runner, just the lemon & daisies motif.

So many things right about this. I just don't know where to start.

First, I think it is sweetly simple and pretty.

Secondly, and I didn't know this before, but the lemons help the flowers stay fresher, longer. I was a little worried making these that the lemons would make the water too acidic for the flowers. I was arranging them the night before and I didn't want them to die overnight. A little google action later, I learned that the lemon was actually great for the flowers.

I just went with white daisies. I wanted to but them in bulk because I did not need the extra greenery that comes with arrangements. I tried to order them from a wholesale club in our area but there seemed to be some communication difficulties. Next, I called a local florist. He said he could do it, but that I could get a better deal if I went to Fort Worth Flower Market on 7th. Thanks for the advice! If you are in Hurst, support Cooper's Florist! Since they were so helpful and honest, I will be buying my next arrangement there! As for bulk, 7th street was definitely the way to go!

As I gathered my supplies to pull it all together, I realized I only had 6 mason jars instead of the 9 I thought I had. I had to scramble for some extra vases at the last minute but the eclectic grouping just pulled it all together perfectly.

The next morning, the flowers were fully opened and absolutely gorgeous. I added some color-coordinated ribbons and they were beautiful!
My eclectic grouping of jars, pitchers, and vases.

I threw some white Asters in the tall glass. A parent brought a dish in this picnic basket that worked perfectly with the theme so we pulled it into the decor!

The teachers loved them!

Total cost: $5 worth of lemons, $37 of flowers. Random assortment of already owned jars & vases made 11 arrangements

Total time: 1 1/2 hours of arranging

Final verdict: I love the way they turned out and we got lots of compliments. Super cute! And I feel smart knowing that adding a little lemon to the water will keep the flowers fresh. The flowers are nearly five days old now and still look gorgeous. Not one has wilted yet.

And just a few extra flower pictures. I just couldn't stop taking pictures of them. I don't think I have ever had this many gorgeous flowers in my house at one time!

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