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Yumm. Creamy tomato pasta. My man wont eat certain foods he deems too "creamy" and since this had creamy in the title he was out. I made it for me and the boys instead. It was two very basic sauces, a tomato and an alfredo sauce stirred together. I was able to save some tomato sauce to the side for my husband and mixed the other two together. This recipe made a ton of sauce! It only calls for 1/2 lb of farfalle. I made a full pound (I have two REALLY good pasta eaters around here) and I had more than enough sauce. I stirred the two together while leaving out some tomato sauce and still had tons of creamy tomato sauce for the three of us. I even had left over tomato sauce!

I didn't have any whole milk on hand so I used 1/2 cup of 2 % and increased the half & half to 1/2 cup. It did not affect the taste or texture one bit.

As for each sauce on its own, the alfredo was awesome. Some styles I have made turn out gritty but this one was perfectly smooth. Very delicious. The tomato sauce alone, however, was a little bland. I know the recipe isn't for plain tomato sauce and blended with the cream sauce it was awesome. I am an admitted tomato sauce snob. It was through a long progression of events that I developed this snobbery for tomato sauce and it took me about two years to create my preferred version of tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is so easy to make that I very rarely buy it anymore. I digress. I didn't really eat the plain tomato sauce, just a little taste test and the opinion of my husband who is used to the sauce I generally make. That being said, he did eat multiple servings of it.

The complete package was heaven. I loved it. After his first bite, Lu said "What is this sauce?? It is sooooo delicious!" And even the non-pasta eater in the house took about four bites (pretty significant for him when it comes to pasta) and declared it "Yummy." Lu and I have been eating the leftovers for lunch this week and it is just as deliciously creamy as a leftover as it was when it was fresh. I was worried it might dry out with reheating but that has not been a problem at all.

Not the worlds greatest photo. I stuck it in a yellow bowl so the sauce kind of blends in, but you can see a little how the pasta is absolutely swimming in sauce (not that I'm complaining here!) The sauce was not yellow--more orange-y but I think the yellow bowl just makes it look yellow. Yours would probably be more red if you used more tomato sauce. I would advise you to mix in parts and taste as you go. If I had mixed the full volume of tomato sauce with the full volume of cream sauce I think the tomato may have overwhelmed the cream sauce and taken away some of the delicious thick creaminess.

Total cost: $5 for tomatoes and farfalle. All other items I had on hand. (Pretty good for the amount I made!)

Total time: 30 minutes. Quick and easy

Final verdict: The two sauces mixed together were perfect. I would hesitate to replace this basic tomato sauce with mine because I don't want to change the final product. I will make this again, it will just be for one of those nights it is just me and the boys. Or me and the girls.

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