Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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Slow cooked kielbasa and white bean stew.

My husband loves this kind of food. It was a very hearty stew. I cooked the sausage in the stew all day and it gave the beans a good flavor. It was easy prep, I put it all together the night before and stored it in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, I popped it in the crock pot and went off to work. I was worried that letting the beans soak all night would mean that there wasn't enough liquid to cook, but it turned out perfectly. I served up the boys before I added the spinach because they always fuss over the "green stuff." On their second bowls, though, they didn't even notice it. My husband ate at least 3  bowls.

Total cost: Around $5, I already had a big bag of white beans in the pantry.

Total time: Prep time 10 min. Cook time 8 hours.

Final verdict: I don't love beans, but I thought this was good. The boys definitely enjoyed it. It will be a perfect meal for mommy's night out evenings or weekends where I work a lot and don't want to have to cook for my family.  It was also surprisingly low in calories.

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