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I've been dying to try this recipe but I needed an occasion to make four loaves. Last day of school! Yay! I needed three teacher gifts, so bread it is.

I nearly fell on the floor when I read the ingredient list. 11 cups of flour!!?!? Do I even OWN 11 cups of flour? The answer is yes. I did. If the original blogger hadn't published a photo of her dough in her mixer bowl I wouldn't have even tried to make it in my mixer bowl. I was a little wary, but it did all fit in the bowl. I didn't even spill any while I was trying to mix it up.

We've had flooring installers at our house every day this week and my house is a disaster. I was able to clean the kitchen this morning and whip this bread together easy. It is a very simple recipe and would be great for beginning cooks. When I first started cooking I was seriously TERRIFIED of using yeast. I was always afraid I was going to screw something up. I really like baking yeast breads now that I have conquered my fear, but this one would have been a great place to start.

It didn't take long to rise and baked in about 40 minutes. It was perfectly timed so that just as it was time to go pick the kiddos up from school the bread was cooled enough to handle, but warm enough to feel warm when I handed them out.

I just wrapped each loaf up in a sheet of parchment with their card and a cute ribbon. I put the name of the bread on the card and on the back stamped "Serve with butter and honey" as per recommendation by the original poster. I, personally, have tried mine with both honey and jam and found it delightful. It is a dense bread, a little salty (but I am super-sensitive to salt taste, so you may not notice). This afternoon as I was snacking on it I kept imagining it used for breakfast sandwiches. A little sausage patty, some cheese piled on top and toasted under the broiler--I see it in my future.

Total cost: $3 because I needed three more bread pans. Thank you dollar store!

Total time: 15 minutes hands on plus baking time

Final verdict: A great breakfast bread. It was soooo filling. Very easy, and pulled together quickly. Because it uses rapid rise yeast it didn't rise for long. I think it really was one of the easiest breads I have ever made. I didn't even get my fingers messy making this. I felt good about giving it as a gift too.

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