Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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Pink Lemonade Pound Cake--a perfect Spring treat!

I needed a desert to bring to work today to show some coworkers just how much I love them. This looked yummy and spring-y. It smelled absolutely delicious while it baked. It starts with a cake mix so it isn't very complicated. My husband was upset that I wasn't making it for him because it smelled so good! The pink color of the cake is due mostly to food coloring. I didn't quite achieve that color because after about 8-10 drops I decided that was enough. Mine was more pink-tinged colored but I covered it with enough pink frosting that it didn't matter.

Looks like a giant pink donut! I almost put some over sized sprinkles on top.
It was super tasty--sticky, yes, but moist and tasty! You can see in the picture that not all the pink lemonade poured on top after baking soaked in. There was maybe a quarter cup or so that oozed out on the plate. I was a little pressed for time, so maybe if I let it soak in overnight before flipping it that would have helped. As it was I gave it about one hour. It tastes better cold so I'm storing it in the refrigerator.

Total cost: $5 for cake mix, pudding mix, and pink lemonade concentrate

Total time: Hands on, about 45 minutes. An hour of baking, an hour of cooling. Then I put in the refrigerator.

Final verdict: It is good. Very sweet so I can't eat too much at once--which is a really good thing. That also makes it a great cake for sharing. It would be so cute for a baby shower for a baby girl or an Easter dessert.

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