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A giant water pillow! Fun outdoor water fun without actually getting wet!
The weather is really getting summer-y around here and I knew my kiddos would really get a kick out of this. I picked up a couple of plastic sheets for paint drop cloths at the dollar store and taped them together just like she said.

First problem: Taping the sheets together straight was not easy. But I managed.

Second problem: I tried to place this in a flat-ish, obstacle free part of the yard. As it filled with water it basically rolled itself down to the lowest point. It was very heavy and I could not fight it.
I started filling it all the way at the bottom of the picture and it just kept sliding and rolling until it had parked itself under the swing set.
Third problem: Closing the hole I had left open for the water was darn near impossible once the thing was full!

Fourth problem: I had just picked up dollar store plastic sheeting. Upon close observation of the original poster, her Husky brand sheeting clearly states "moisture resistant." Mine did not state this and a few minutes after the boys started playing on it, water was slowly seeping through--like osmosis! The leaks were not at the duct tape seams. It must have been a semi-permeable material.
We were certain these little feet had created a large hole and were swimming inside, but it was just the seeping water pooling around them.

All problems aside, the kids thought it was fantastic!

The fun lasted about 15 minutes and was no where near "dry" fun. Thankfully it was warm and the kids didn't mind getting wet. After about 15 minutes the water level was dramatically less and I think a little boy helped a tiny hole grow to a big hole. We aimed the leak at the swimming pool and salvaged what was left of the water and then spent the rest of the afternoon with pool and hose play.

WARNING!! Although my husband and I were joking about this, it is really no joke. As the bag deflated we remarked about what a huge hazard this could be. The giant plastic could create a suffocation hazard as it deflated. The pillow rolled down the hill and was heavy. If it were to slide over a child it could have devastating consequences. Also, if for some reason a large hole were to occur, a child could climb inside with the double danger of drowning and suffocation. Please do not leave your children unattended on this for even one second.

Total cost: $6 for duct tape and sheeting.

Total time: It took me about 45 minutes to get it all taped up and 15 minutes to fill.

Final verdict: It was fun for the kids and a really neat idea. I won't do it again though. I don't know where in my yard would be flat enough to keep it from moving. It took way too much time and money for only 15 minutes of fun. It really could potentially be a horrible hazard. If you try it, make sure you get heavier, waterproof sheeting.

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