Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pin 44

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The 5 year old got some new kicks for his birthday.  I was hoping to find some way to tie the laces where they would be tight enough to stay on his feet without actually having to be tied, yet use up enough of the laces so they weren't dangling. I tried the basket-weave looking one, five up from the bottom. The instructions were easy enough and I thought they looked pretty cool, but still, the laces were too long. Plus, once they were laced like this, you couldn't pull them to snug them up if you did want to tie them.

I played around with them a million different ways but I couldn't seem to make use of the extra laces. I basket weaved them upside down, sideways, and doubled some up. I couldn't find the right balance. I shouldn't be too disappointed because the pictures show every shoe tied. It was hopeful thinking. I guess for now we'll either stick with double knots before school  or somebody will just have to learn to tie their shoes.

Restored to their traditionally laced glory.
Total cost: $0

Total time: 30 minutes of playing around.

Final verdict: My plan didn't work out to prevent shoe tying, but it's not a total fail. I'll be a really cool mom in about 7 years when I can lace shoes really cool. I still think its a pretty neat pin.

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