Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Upcycled skirt

I used to have a super comfortable, brown dress. One day the zipper broke in a sad way. The fabric completely ripped open so it wasn't a matter of just replacing the zipper. There wasn't enough room in this perfectly fitted dress to  take it in at the rip and replace the zipper either. My poor dress was done.
The brown dress, circa 2006.
 I cut off the bottom of the skirt at the waist, keeping the waist seam intact

I grabbed an old shirt that was a little too tight, a little too sheer, and had a stain on one shoulder. I cut the shirt straight across under the sleeves.

 Lickety split, I sewed the raw edges of the shirt to the raw edges of the skirt. I slip it on and fold down the shirt to create a waistband. Now I have a yoga-waistband-style, super-comfy brown skirt.

Paired with a lace edged tank for a comfortable summer outfit.

I'm glowing!
Total cost: $0

Total time: 10 minutes

Final verdict: Feeling super crafty and happy the brown dress lives on!

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