Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pin 62

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Make your own baked taco shells.

At first glance I assumed these were flour tortillas, but after attempting this, I am going to guess these are white corn tortillas? I made some slow-cooked chicken lime tacos today. I popped these in the oven just as the directions said. Within minutes I saw this:
 They were puffing up so big the tortillas were not hanging on the rack any more. the one front and center nearly looked like a pita! I should have expected this, but I guess I didn't think it through. After 7 minutes--long minutes I lived in fear of burned and/or exploding tortillas--I pulled them out looking like this:
 I was a little apprehensive because I knew that this is not what it was supposed to be. I sweetly begged my husband to "Please eat one with me so you can tell me what you think too." He's always up for a good food challenge so he jumped in without hesitation.
My chicken taco

 My first impression was that it was crunchy on the outside, but a little chewy. However, as I continued to eat it I started to appreciate it more. It was sturdy and held up to my juicy, dripping, chicken tacos much better than a plain flour tortilla. It held together very nicely and stood up on the plate. My husband enjoyed them even more than me. We even saved the leftovers! Because it was so sturdy, the baked shell held more fillings and my usual three tacos turned into two tacos. Of course I also was enjoying the best Tex-Mex rice ever from Pin 26

Total cost: $2.29 for 20 tortillas, we only used 6

Total time: 8 minutes

Final verdict: Surprisingly impressed. I would definitely like to try them with a corn tortilla as well.

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  1. I have tried this with corn tortillas and I couldn't get them to bend at all without breaking the shell. If you do try it with the corn tortillas let us know how it turns out.