Friday, April 20, 2012

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Seems easy enough.

I found a super deal on some light weight knit the other night at the craft store and I scooped it up with this project in mind. I own two wide belts--one in brown that is about 16 inches too long and another in red bedazzled with rhinestones. Neither of which seemed appropriate for this project. Before I started the dress, I decided I was going to make my own out of some cording. It will be very "boho, " right?

Wrong. ALL wrong. Well, fashionably wrong. Right if you truly are a bohemian of the shepherding type.

I only made a few modifications to her directions. I didn't buy white knit, so there was no need to dye the fabric. I cut the neck line with the dress on. I wanted it lower in the front and higher in the back. I also reinforced the seams at the sleeves and neckline so that the seams themselves wouldn't unravel.
After I whipped the dress together (in no time at all) and put it on with my new "belt" I saw just exactly how wrong this all went together. I felt, and looked, like I should be preparing to go on stage in a church production of the shepherd looking for his lost sheep.

Hmmm. Now where did that sheep go?
The original creator of this dress must be much taller than me (I just looked back and she fesses up to 5' 9". She's got at least 7 inches on me), and have a few less child induced curves (a young cute co-ed). This dress with a belt at the natural waist on her looks cute. On me--no way. So I kept playing around with other belts:

My puppy had to get on the bedazzled red!

Perhaps I am just too short for this length. I pinned it up to see what it would look like shortened. (The hem is not even in the picture, but I would make it even if I shortened it!)

Firstly, I can not wear this at the natural waist. It must be higher--empire waist high. Secondly, should I shorten it? When I looked in the mirror I liked the shortened look the best, but when I look at the pictures I like the high waist with the skinny red tie the best. I also considered just shirring five or six rows for a high waist. What do you think? Leave me a comment about which style you like best and I'll post an update soon with what I go with.

Total cost: $7

Total time: Creating the dress, less than 30 minutes. Playing with looks, hours

Final verdict: ?? To be determined. . .  


  1. I like both red belts - but I also like the short one- I think you need to make another so you have one short and one long! :)

  2. I like the thin red belt - but I think it looks best short :)

  3. Got to your site from Sweet Verbena's post on the maxi dress. Go with the short length! It shows off your legs and makes them look longer, which, as a fellow shortie, I know how important that is! Also, thanks for posting this--now I kind of know what to expect when I make my own :)

  4. I like both fat belt looks! I agree with make 2, then you don't have to pick :).

  5. Got to your site from Sweet Verbena's too. I'm a shorty also! so, I like it better shorter on you, but also completely agree on the empire waist idea. For wearing it long, skinny red tie. But I like the wider belt on the short one. Did you hem the sleeves and neck? And how do you like having the v in front and back?

  6. I didn't hem anything. I don't mind the v at all. I actually ended up making it a little deeper in the front than the back and that made it a little easier to distinguish front from back. Check out this page to see how I finished it out.