Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunshine Sugar Scrub

My last teacher appreciation post!

Way back at Pin 35 I made some Honey Vanilla Almond scrub. Using this basic idea, I whipped up some scrub for the teachers that went with our lemon-y luncheon theme. Here is my recipe (remember, I don't measure anything too precisely):

4 lbs sugar
12 oz honey
10 tbsp strongly brewed tea. (3 or 4 tea bags per cup of water)
4-5 tsp lemon extract (more or less to your aroma preference)

This filled 16 pint jars.

I looked around on the internet for some lemon scrubs. A lot of them contained lemon juice or real lemons. I worried that real lemon juice & lemons would burn the skin too much. I also didn't want the scrub to spoil with fresh fruit ingredients in it. That is why I went with the lemon extract. I felt this recipe was more shelf-stable and would last longer.

I couldn't decide on the best name for it. I've been calling it Sunshine Sugar Scrub, but I wanted to make it obvious to the teachers what the ingredients were so for teacher appreciation I called it Honey Lemon Scrub. Other titles in the running were Sun Tea Scrub and Sweet Lemon Scrub.

I had some leftovers that I packed into bigger jars that we gave to the luncheon helpers.

The teachers each received one of these little pint jars.
Total cost: Less than $10 for two full batches, plus the cost of jars for packing them in. (Another mom bought the jars, so I'm not sure the exact expense of this)

Total time: This is so fast and easy to make up. I made and jarred two batches in about 1/2 hour.

Final verdict: I love this scrub. I use mine on my hands, face, body. It leaves my skin so soft and I feel good that there are no chemicals in it. I haven't yet heard back from the teachers, but the ones I talked to liked the way it smelled. And it tastes good too! If you have ever gotten your facewash in your mouth, you will appreciated this!

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