Friday, May 18, 2012

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Okay. Stop. Stop that laughing. . . NOW.

I actually did this every day for a week. I guess I didn't read the actual lists, because this was hard! I only had to cheat on one day. I think it was Tuesday. I could not do 20 full sit-ups. I did about 10 or so and then finished off with regular crunches.

The kids enjoyed this so much. I was surprised. While they didn't actually do all of the required exercises, they did participate. We turned on our music and pulled out the list and did all of these together. Each day took about 10 minutes to complete. It turned out to be the perfect distraction for the kids in that little time when dinner is just about complete and the kids are just about to lose it. Pulled this out and we killed the time with no complaining, tears, or fighting. I could easily peek on dinner between exercises. They always remembered that we needed to do "our exercises" and if I had forgotten, they would remind me.

This came in the midst of a diet crack-down and I actually lost nearly two pounds that week! I did feel firmer, and I was sore in places I forgot had muscles. It is a good circuit. I think I just may have to explore some more of these circuits out there. I was surprised at how easy it was to incorporate this ten minute workout into my day.

Total cost: $0

Total time: 1 hour 10 minutes, divided daily for 7 days

Final verdict: Honestly, I haven't done it for a few days due to some ridiculously hectic events around here. But I know I should. I would love to find some more to do and really work this into my life. It was hard but I know it was good for my body--and I really was surprised at how this became a quality time moment with my kiddos.

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