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One last teacher gift for the year! Lu's teachers are retiring after a combined 67 years of teaching! Wow! I can imagine how many kids they must have reached in those years. Lu loved these ladies with all of his little sweet heart. He has been randomly tearing up for weeks at the thought of moving out of their class. When I went to pick him up on his last day he was puffy eyed with a wad of tissue in his hand. He refused to take a good-bye picture with them that day because we were going to their retirement reception today after church and he wanted to take it today.

On their "favorite things" list both of his teachers had listed chocolate chip cookies. I thought we could mix up a batch for them  and package them up for their thank-you/retirement gift. I had actually forgotten all about this pin. (How could I possibly be expected to remember all 910 pins I've got now??) Last night as these were baking I got on the computer to google up some cute saying for them. Every search I tried just kept bringing me to sites where I could buy chocolate chip cookies. So I turned to Pinterest, who has never failed me. I had pinned another site that had sayings for candy bars and I thought I might be able to find something there to inspire me. I went to my board "for you...or me" where I pin gift ideas and before I found my candy bar site I saw this old pin. It couldn't be more perfect! Thanks again, Pinterest. I love you forever!

The original pinner created stickers that stuck inside her jar and she even did a cute little display under the lid. This was a bit of an impromptu pin and I didn't have any sticker paper for the printer. I stamped it up on the envelope to the thank-you card and stuck it in the package. I had bought some oversized mugs at the dollar store to stack the cookies in and tied it all up in a clear plastic bag. I did use the original pinners suggestion and lined the mug with a coffee filter, which fit perfectly. I was able to easily fit six delicious cookies in each mug.

These pictures just make my mouth water. This is my FAVORITE chocolate chip cookie recipe!

The envelope stamped up and ready to go!

All packaged up and ready to go!
Total cost: $2 for the mugs. The ingredients were all on hand already since I buy so much in bulk.

Total time: 15 minutes to stamp up the cards

Final verdict: I was happy with the presentation of the gift and the saying. Sometimes those cutesy saying are really a stretch, but I liked this one. Perfect for a teacher. A perfect find on Pinterest that I had forgotten about.

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