Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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This was totally my kind of tutorial because there were few actual measurements included! Ha! I didn't actually have to measure anything!

I didn't have sleepy tea on hand but I did have vanilla chai tea which I used. Then, inspired by the vanilla in the chai, I decided to add a little vanilla extract to the mix as well. So, I ended up with Honey almond vanilla chai sugar scrub which sounds a little like ingredient overkill, but actually turned out quite lovely smelling. (And tasting, which I discovered on accident.)

I had this perfect jar left over from Christmas gifts this year but even two batches of the stuff didn't fill it. I guess it was bigger than I thought! I didn't want to make a third batch just to fill the jar until I knew if I liked it or not. Thanks to the jar, I had everything on hand and didn't have to spend a dime for baby soft hands. Just make sure to wash it all off when you are done. I missed a spot above my wrist the first time and thanks to the honey + sugar combo it was incredibly sticky, at which point I discovered it was tasty as well (don't ask, I'm embarrassed).

After sitting for about thirty minutes the mixture separated into distinct layers with a lot of the sugar settled on the bottom and the darker layer of tea on top. There is also some weird frothy layer which I am hoping doesn't mean this is a science experiment about to explode! But if you dig way in and get a scoop of the sugar out, you get enough mix to still get a good scrub.

Total cost: $0

Total time: 4 minutes

Final verdict: Baby soft hands so far. I'm going to watch this for about a week or so before I decide it is gift worthy. I might try it on my feet, too.

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