Friday, March 2, 2012

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I was mostly tickled by the fact that I actually HAD the brown striped tank top in my closet. Not to mention that the season was spring 2003. I havent worn it any time recently that I can remember, so I thought it would be perfect for this.

It was really very easy, I completed it in less than an hour. I dont like that that it had the extra piece of bra lining. I cut the elastic out, but without sewing the bottom of the liner down, I fear when I put things in the pockets they are going to get lost up in the backside of that liner. Next time I would maybe stich the liner down before folding the bottom up to make the pockets.

I am relatively new to the upcycling of clothing. I have learned a few lessons along the way. Number one lesson that can make our break your project is to look for any fabric stretching. My skirt from last week and this bag have both suffered from using stretched out fabric. It makes you project lopsided and can make it hard to line up sides of things. The skirt ended up a little longer in the back because the back of the shirt was stretched out. This one was stretched out at the bottom that just made it difficult to line up everything evenly. If it wasn't striped, maybe the lining up issue wouldn't be as obvious.

Overall, it was an easy, fun bag to make. It will be a cute bag to carry this summer and lots of pockets for all the little boy toys I have to cart around. No, its not perfect, and I won't carry it to any dress-to-impress function. It was a great practice project, and a good way to reuse an old top.

Laying flat

Hanging with items inside you can easily see the difference between what was once the front of the shirt and the back.
 Final cost: $0

Total time: 45 min

Final verdict: Not doing it again anytime soon unless I come across a good shirt for upcycling.

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