Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pin 40

Original Pin:
Terrycloth Toothbrush and Paste Travel Pouch in Spring Green...popular little shipping

Very clever--and so easy to make. So why would I choose the easy way?? So I have a few factors working together here on this project. First, I am a newly reformed dental patient. I used to brush and floss and swish regularly. I have an old roommate once that told me I inspired her to floss. That is pretty high flattery in the dental world. So, then I turned 21 and flossing didn't happen much after a long night out. Eventually I got around to flossing often enough that I had to buy new floss once or twice a year. About six months ago I got strung up by that floss when I visited a new dentist and had to have a bunch of work done. Not only did she try to take away my Diet Coke, but she also said I've got to start flossing again. And so I did. I'm pretty proud to say that now. I have cut back on my Diet Coke consumption to about twice a week (down from once or twice a day) and I floss at least 5-6 times a week. I am human, though. I will skip a night here and there.

Second factor: I work a lot of twelve hour shifts. A gal's got to brush and floss at least once during that period right? Otherwise my mouth is disgusting by the end of my shift.

I thought this would be a great way to tote all my dental hygiene supplies to and fro from work. I loved that I could just toss it in the wash when it was icky. Here is what I didn't love about this particular one. Do you see where the top of the brush hits the top of the pouch. It leaves the brush exposed to the elements. Any neonatal nurse worth their salt is a major germ-o-phobe. We are right up there with those oncology nurses when it comes to germs. Currently I have three bottles of hand sanitizer within my reach just sitting here at my computer. And within my house I probably have about an ounce of the stuff per 50 square feet.  I used to carry tiny bottles of Lysol spray in my diaper bag. I digress. I don't want the tip of my toothbrush floating around with all the other things in my purse. I decided to tackle this one head on and use the pin as merely a starting point, a Pinspiration, if you will.

Clearly the standard sized washcloth was not going to be large enough for me. Luckily I had a big hunk of terry cloth in my scrap stash. I grabbed some leftover fabric from Pin 19 that matched my terry cloth and went to work. I pulled out a new tooth brush just to make sure I got the measurements right.

All tied up to go

A good inch or so of brush protection, however. . .

I will probably tote the brush like this for even more security.
 I did hit one little snag with the finished product, however. It would be easy enough to fix, but, eh, it works fine for now. I put the ties on opposite ends. They should both be on the same end so that it can be rolled up. The good news is that I left the ties long enough that even the one rolled to the inside is long enough to be rolled and then pulled out and around to tie (see first picture.)

I could also lay it flat and tie it just in half. Might come in hand for stowing other items when I am actually using this for traveling (Ha! Like I go anywhere!)

Total cost: $0, made totally from scraps

Total time: 45 minutes

Final verdict: I am happy with the level of protection it is able to provide, but next time I will remember to position the ties correctly!

Oh, and go buy one from this chick on if you want one!

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