Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pin 24

Original pin:

Perfect since I have recently re-picked up the art of crochet (after a 23 year hiatus.) This was really very easy and would be easy for any beginner because it only requires the ability to create the long chain. It is two long chains folded and knotted together just so.

In the time it took to watch one episode of DVR'd trash TV I had this beauty ready to go.

I can not find a place in my house to lay things flat for pictures that doesn't make a shadow.

Pinterest headband + Pinterest sock bun curls = Pinhead kind of day. heehee.

Total cost: $2 for some dollar store yarn and ribbon. It didn't use much so it could easily be made with scraps lying around.

Total time: 1 hour, distracted.

Final verdict: Very cute, easy, I like the bow tie closure at the bottom. It feels very feminine. I would totally make this as a gift for you.

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