Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pin 42

Original pin:

"One ingredient ice cream," it said. It should have said, "One ingredient, guilt-free ice cream." I would feed this to my kids every day. I stumbled across it one day when I was looking for something to do with bananas that were getting ripe that wasn't banana bread.  It is simply frozen bananas run through the food processor. My kids love it. They totally think it is really ice cream. I top it with a little chocolate syrup or sprinkles and it turns into a special treat that really is healthy for them. 

This is the third time we have made this and they still love it.

The boys love to push the buttons on the food processor

Little chocolate syrup totally makes it a sundae.
Total cost: Less than $1

Total time: 5 minutes plus freezer time

Final verdict: Its a winner around here.

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