Friday, March 9, 2012

iPhone Armband

If you have been following my pins, you may recall that I prefer the tube sock for my sock bun curls. Well, what on earth are you to do with the leftover sock? I was feeling resourceful a while ago and came up with a use for that leftover sock.

Let me give you some background information here. I like to have music on whenever I am working out, cleaning the house, cooking, showering, folding laundry, driving, pretty much all the time. When the boys are at school is when I get a lot of the deep cleaning done. I have to keep my phone handy while they are gone just in case there is an emergency so I can either carry the phone with me from room to room while flipping radios on and off as I go, or I can have no music. One day I wanted to listen to music on my iPhone while cleaning but I needed a good way to carry it with me. I have one of the manufactured armbands for iPhone, but it doesn't fit. I can't seem to get it tight enough on my arm to stay up. I don't have a super skinny arm; it just seems that it was made for men.

Here is where the sock comes in. I snipped off the toe of the tube sock so that I had this left:

 Next, I turned the sock inside out, so the soft fuzzy part was showing, and slipped it on to my arm.

 I held my phone in place on my upper arm and folded the bottom part upward so that the soft fuzzy part was against my phone. I usually put the phone on the outer aspect of my arm just to keep it up and out of the way.
 Then, I folded the top part down so that the whole phone was protected from the elements of cleaning!!

All set in place.
 When cleaning, I usually use the built in speaker, but when I use it for exercise I use my headphones and just tuck the extra wire back down inside the sock.
This never slips down my arm, is soft and comfortable, I don't have any itchy Velcro to deal with. When it gets wet or dirty I can just toss it in the washer. The only drawback to this is that it isn't always easy to flip through songs since you have to expose it. Usually I have a play list ready to go or am streaming radio so I don't change songs often.

Okay, so maybe not the world's greatest or cutest idea, but I think it is pretty resourceful.

Total cost: $0

Total time: 2 minutes

Final verdict: I use it all the time!

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