Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pin 25

Original pin:
I thought this was a cute idea. I've been looking for things for my wall lately that aren't photographs. I need some variety in my decor. After Christmas this year as I was packing away all the decorations I went ahead and took down all my living room decor, every last item--candles, pictures, nick nacks, anything collecting dust. Now I'm in the rebuilding phase. I have green walls that I am a little tired of, but because the ceilings are 10 feet tall around in the room I can't bring myself to start the paint job. I'm just planning on changing the decor items and complementary colors to change things up a bit. I thought this would fit in.

I knew I would need a frame for it. At the craft store I found this pre-framed art that was the perfect size for this project. The only empty frame I found in the size I wanted was $30! This little thing I picked up for $5.99. I'm not sure how that worked out because the more expensive frame was plain black plastic. I didn't even like it for $5. Then I found this one that wasn't even on the clearance aisle?!? Must have been fate.

I sliced open the back to find that the art was nailed in with these ridiculously long, skinny nails. I had to call in the manpower because I couldn't pull them out on my own. There was literally twenty nails holding this art in the frame. Was that necessary?

Once the frame was set free, I gathered my art supplies:

Utility blade, scissors, black and green ink, alphabet stamps, brown sharpie marker, scrapbook paper, newspaper.
 I used the newspaper as a cutting surface so the utility blade didn't scratch my table. I folded it up thickly, placed the scrapbook paper on top, and then placed the original framed art piece on top of that. Then I cut the paper with the utility blade to the right size using the art as a guide.

I went to work on the art starting with the names in the center. I moved on to the rings which I purposely created uneven for a little character. I didn't have any leaf stamps, nor did I want to spend the money on a bunch of stamps for this one project, so I just cut leaves out of some leftover craft foam in the kids craft bucket.
My homemade leaf stamps
Originally I thought my green ink was going to be too dark but when it dried it was the perfect color. Just as I had envisioned it.

Finally, finished it up and popped it in the frame, sans 20 ridiculous nails. I hope the thing doesn't fall apart overnight with all those nails missing. I taped up the back covering and hung it up on my green wall. What do you think?

Total cost: $9.69 for paper, brown sharpie paint pen, and the frame (The original sells for $30 without the professional framing job!)

Total time: 1 hour

Final verdict: I love it and I love the direction my green wall is headed. Maybe I will finally decide I like this green wall.

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