Thursday, March 15, 2012

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Ha! I thought this was such a good idea, I pinned it twice!

Well, it was a good idea. Not only could Luke help me make them, but the boys gobbled up two cups of yogurt in a matter of minutes. The were so delicious! One pinner said, "Great on the go snack!" but I don't know about that. Firstly, they wouldn't make it out the door around here because little fingers were snapping them up so quickly. Secondly, they melt pretty quickly and then are sticky! Just as if you were eating yogurt with your fingers, not pretty. I froze mine on wax paper to make it easier to pop off the tray. In an attempt to get some quick pictures of the yogurt dots that were quickly disappearing, I solicited some feedback from the boys:

Thumbs up from Luke
Yummy, yummy. I wike yogur dots.
A quick shot before they were gobbled up!

Total cost: $0.80

Total time: 5 minutes plus freezer time.

Final verdict: The second batch was in the freezer right about the time the first batch was gone.

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  1. Thank you so much for the idea!!! I made these yesterday with Jonathan and he loved them!!!