Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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Tub and Shower Magic. Photo by gailanng

Titled "Tub and Shower Magic" I thought it was funny to find this living on the site. The prior pinner raved about it's magical abilities to clean. Well, if it is that wonderful on tubs and showers, it must be awesome in the kitchen as well, right?

The other morning I came home to an empty house and I was all worked up--poor customer service, deadlines to meet, one son heading to surgery the next day, I had a lot on my mind. So what else would a woman like me do with this energy? I cleaned my house from top to bottom.  I forget how much easier it is to clean when you are home alone! Awesome! And I felt better when it was done.

Anyhoo, so I mixed up this baby and went to work first in the kitchen. It was super sudsy. I would recommend using this on a surface that is easy to rinse (like a tub or sink). It cleaned the glass cooktop real nicely, though. On to the bathroom--I used this on the sinks, counters, toilet, tub, shower, and floor. I was starting to doubt it's magical abilities. Don't get me wrong, it DID clean everything, but I was slightly underwhelmed by the results. . . .

until. . .

the shower. Our shower has this white (well, it used to be white) textured floor. No matter how much I scrub and how much bleach I use, there is this dingy-ness that lingers way down in the texture. I went after it with this magic and a scrub brush and I was finally amazed. It cleaned a lot of that dingy stuff out! It got the tub ring off super easily as well.

So, the title "Tub and Shower Magic" is appropriate. I was fine for everything else too, just not the amazing magical powers it seems to have in tubs and showers. I wonder if there is some sort of reaction with the soap scum that it doesn't have on the counters and in the kitchen.

Total cost: $1 for a spray bottle. The Dawn and vinegar were already in the pantry.

Total time: 5 minutes to mix up.

Final verdict: I will keep this handy for tubs and showers but not for the kitchen.

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  1. I found the same thing - great on soap scummy areas not-so-much elsewhere!