Friday, March 23, 2012

Pin 36

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A pinner before me had described this pin "bubbles that won't pop" but on the actual post the title is "Bouncing Bubbles" which is actually much, much more accurate. Since the weather warmed up, Will found the bubble bucket in the stash of outside toys and has been asking to play bubbles. (We have the most awesome bubble bucket, by the way, if you are looking for one.)

Little Kids No Spill Big Bubble Bucket, Colors May Vary
We got this as a gift for one of the boys' birthdays. It is awesome because it won't spill, has three long wands that are easy for little hands to hold, and has been hanging around our yard at least a few years with little wear and tear.
I made up the special bubble solution last night and prayed for good weather today. My prayers were answered as it was a gorgeous day! I busted out the special bubble surprise while dinner was in the oven tonight. You have to use a sock/glove to keep the bubbles bouncing and that element was way over Will's understanding. Luke thought it was just as much fun to smash the bubbles with the sock than to bounce them, but that's boys for you.

The bubbles were heavy in that as soon as they were blown, they sunk to the ground unless you bounced them. They also seemed a little harder for the boys to blow compared to regular solution. Each dip didn't produce a whole lot of bubbles like some solutions do.

A moment of bouncing.

They actually had just as much fun with the "put this sock on your hand" element of the activity as they did with the bubble blowing. See little man back there wearing his sock off to the swing set?

Daddy came home right in the middle of everything and he went and got his own sock to join in on the fun. It was a pretty cool thing to see. I think this would be a lot of fun to do with elementary aged kids who can grasp the concept a little bit better. Will was just looking for some bubble blowing fun and I think he would have enjoyed the lighter, bubblier bubbles more.

Total cost: $5.49 for pure glycerin

Total time: 2 minutes +24 hour sit time

Final verdict: Everyone had fun and was engaged in it for a long time. It was a fun activity to do as a family. We will use the solution until its gone, but I will probably put this recipe away until the boys are older. I just imagine it would be more fun in about 4 years or so.

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