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Pina Colada Popsicles Recipe

Pina Colada Popsicles! Yum!

Have I mentioned I love kitchen gadgets? For my birthday I got a Popsicle XPress popsicle maker that will freeze four popsicles in 10 minutes. This was my first time to use it so I was a little apprehensive. I pre-chilled all the ingredients just as the directions said and when it was time, blended them all together and popped them in. I couldn't find pineapple with syrup so I just used pineapple with juice.

Xpress Popsicle Maker
Here is a picture of the Xpress.

After the ten minutes were up I had a little moment of panic where we couldn't quite figure out how to get them out. The boys were losing patience but Daddy came to the rescue and figured it out. Our popsicles were set free!!

Overall, they were good, but I really think of my pina colada as pineapple & coconut. This was too banana-y for a pina colada. Maybe more like a Bahama mama or something.  Next time I would cut back on the banana and increase the pineapple.

As for the Popsicle Xpress, two thumbs up. It actually stayed cold long enough to make 12 popsicles.  Now we have a stash in the freezer. The recipe made enough for probably 16 popsicles of the XPress size. 

My deliciousness.
Total cost: $3 for 12 popsicles (and I threw away at least 4 more because I didn't have sticks for them!!)

Total time: 15 min for the first batch (mixing and freezing time together)

Final verdict: Won't make this recipe again as is.  Loved the Xpress however. Will keep playing around with them.

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