Monday, February 20, 2012

Pin 9

Original Pin:
I am always looking for cute hair accessories because I wear my hair up a lot! This looked cute and easy enough. I had to buy the combs but was totally set on the embroidery floss! I sat down in front of some good ol' trash TV and worked through it. My ends are a little bit loose but I could maybe improve that with some practice! My finished product(s):

Combs came in a 2 pack so I made 2!

Wore it to work this weekend. My hair stayed put with some help from a few extra bobby pins (It is just too thick!)
Total cost: $2.19 for hair combs

Total time: 30 minutes for both

Final verdict: Happy with the finished product. I'm going to keep a look out for cheap yet sturdy combs that may tame my volume of hair a little better. My combs are a bit flimsy! But I felt that my comb made my quick up-do a little more polished.

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