Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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My hair is super dry lately, and very frizzy. I need a haircut in a bad way. Since having my youngest, I have had frizzier hair than ever in my life. In October I tried the Brazilian blow-out, but it didn't work for me. My hair is subjected to all kinds of heat styling and ponytail torture. I decided a nice moisturizing mask would do the trick. This link didn't really go into much detail as to how to actually do it. It was just a list of ingredients and a review of the treatment itself. I have no fear of forging ahead without exact directions so I jumped right in. I did follow the reviewers advice on one thing and used a food processor to blend the ingredients. I used one whole ripe avocado, an equal amount of coconut oil, and whatever amount of olive oil I thought would hold it all together. The coconut oil was still kind of chunky after the food processor, but there were few avocado chunks.

I decided that I should wet my hair first because it just seemed like the right thing to do. The reviewer mentioned having avocado bits all over her house after, so after smearing it in from scalp to tip of the hair I twisted my hair on top of my head and wrapped the whole thing in plastic food wrap. So lovely. The plastic wrap kept the heat in and I figured it helped the mask penetrate. However, as it heated up, the coconut oil melted and the mask began running down my face and neck. I unrolled some cotton and stuck it up under the edge of the plastic, salon-style, to catch the drippings and put a towel around my neck to keep the oil from ruining my shirt. I really looked nice.

After about an hour, I washed it all out and blow dried it. It was amazingly smooth and soft! I don't think I got all the oils out the first time so I rewashed it in the morning. I would recommend a double shampoo in the future. The softness lasted days and the frizziness was drastically improved. One thing I did not expect--my drying time was cut in half! AND I didn't have to flat iron it! So it was like a mini-Brazilian blow-out only much cheaper and with shorter lasting results.

Total cost: $8 because I had to buy coconut oil, but it should last a while.

Total time: Hands on 15 min, soak time 1 hour.

Final verdict: I still need a haircut. I think if my ends were healthier this would have had even better results. I might warm the coconut oil a bit before mixing together to avoid the initial chunks in the mask. I'll do it again--if nothing else to cut down on drying time. Plus, ripe avocados are 3 for $1 right now. Stock up!

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