Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pin 7

I predicted to my husband that this would be my most expensive pin project so far--but I promised that it would benefit the whole family. He approved my projected budget of "$15--well, not more than $20."

The original pin:

Pinned Image
(credits to but the original link no longer works)

My experience:

Here is the before pictures of the Art Corner in our house:

Our original art bucket overflowing with papers, coloring books, and capless markers

A mess of stuff.
The boys and I took a trip to Lowe's. They love that double cart they have a the hardware stores that lets them face each other so they were very well behaved. In under 10 minutes we located our supplies, paid, and were back out in the rain loading it up into our car. 

That afternoon Luke and I took on the task of organizing it all and here is our wonderful final product:

Luke absolutely LOVES it. He thrives on this sort of organization. A pocket for everything?!? Seriously. This boy is in organizational heaven.  (And I gave this trait to him) He has spent the last two afternoons with this bucket. Our bucket jockey even had a Velcro-closure pocket that I designated as his secret pocket for his scissors so that brother couldn't access them.  When daddy came home that night, Luke rushed to show him our new bucket and his secret pocket.  Even daddy was impressed with this pin. Win-win, two thumbs up all around.

Total time: 20 minutes

Total cost: $10.57 (way under budget so I feel I should treat myself to some Starbucks tomorrow)

Final Verdict: Winning. The art corner is organized. The kids can find their supplies. At least while its still new--Luke is keeping a handle on keeping it all organized and I haven't had to pick up one marker or broken crayon in two days. 

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