Saturday, February 25, 2012

Easy luxe baby blanket

My own project!!

I would rather make presents for new little babies instead of buy them and I know a gazillion pregnant mommies right now! I could go broke buying gifts. This was inspired by Will's favorite blanket. We got it as a gift before he was born and it is now his favorite, gross, overly-loved, cry-by-the-washing-maching security blanket. What better to give to a new baby than a tried and true lovey?

Minky dot on the top, backed with satin, satin trim... couldn't be easier?
My supplies: fabric, thread, blanket binding

I am making this one for a girl. I wanted to make a square blanket with minimal measuring and cutting, so I decided that the best way to accomplish this would be to buy enough fabric to make two blankets. Since I have plenty of babies to sew for I know I will use the second one. So I bought a length of each fabric (minky dot and flannel backed satin) that was the same length as the bolt width (since the fabric is doubled over on the bolt) and then just cut the fabric at the fold. Ta-da! Two squares!

Notice my squares don't line up exactly.
I layed one square on top of the other, wrong sides together, pinned, and basted them together with a wide zig-zag close to the edge. Then, I pulled the blanket binding out of the package and lined it up and straight stitched as I went. I folded the corners around as I came to them and then tucked the edge under. No pinning, no ironing, easy cheesy. My final product. . .

Pretty cute--White minky dot with pink satin backing.

Total time: 45 minutes

Total cost: I can't say because I have two friends getting this! But I will say that it is at least 60% less than what you would pay for Will's version.

Final verdict: Receipient number 1 seemed happy! Now, gotta go make number 2's.

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  1. I was wondering could you make me one for my nethew please he had the one he had since he was born and he is now 4 we tryed to buy a different one but he would cry till we gave him his back please help me