Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pin 10

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I whipped these together last night thinking the boys and I could have them for breakfast in the morning. I was a little short on oats (maybe like 1/8c short) but figured it would work with what I had. Unless I am baking, I am a non-measure-er and just estimate quantities. Since this CLEARLY said no-bake, I decided estimation would be the way to go. Who really wants to clean peanut butter and honey out of their measuring cups??

They were super sticky while rolling them into balls, but handling them individually they don't seem to be so sticky. I had to offer one to my husband last night. I was kind of cranky all night so it was something of a peace offering. It worked. I'm not sure how many he had but he came out of the man-cave for seconds.

Luke gave them two thumbs up this morning and has plans to eat them again tomorrow. Will ate about half of his--but you can't really count on him to eat on a regular basis. To that kid eating is at the bottom of his priority list unless it is a cupcake or a lollipop.

I thought they were delicious and have been sneaking them here and there all day. The batch is almost gone and it is only 24 hours later. They are reminiscent of a super-moist granola bar. Guess I will have to add oats to my shopping list so that we can make these again!

Total time:  20 min + 30min chill time

Total cost: $2.19 for coconut. Everything else was already in the pantry.

Final verdict: Yum. I already plan to make them again--but I may hide them for myself.


  1. I added crispy rice cereal and it kicked it up a notch, they are so good!

    1. Oh that sounds delicious! I'll have to try it.