Tuesday, February 21, 2012

10 pins in...

Originally I committed myself to two weeks of five pins each before I could really decide if this was something I could do. Well, those two weeks have passed and I have done my 10 pins. I have really enjoyed this project. Thinking about it today, it has actually increased my quality of life.

When I first cooked up this idea it came about because of Tiny Tower. If you aren't familiar with that it is an iPhone app that is this simple little game. My good friend got me totally hooked on it.  However, it is totally mindless. There is not a whole lot of strategy (that I can find) to it, it isn't a game you win or lose. But it is easy to get totally absorbed in it and pass an hour just piddling around with it. Too many evenings I would sit down and open this app only to look up at the clock and find myself horrified at how long I had been mindlessly sending my "bitizens" up the tower's elevator. No disrespect to it's creator, but my brain was feeling a bit mushy. Other apps I've been hooked on didn't make me feel this way. Words With Friends or even Solitarie require strategy and knowledge so I don't feel quite so numb playing those types of games.

I decided there were better things I could do with my hour of time that didn't involve iPhone or television.

I have been planning my week's worth of pins as I plan my weekly menu so that I can have all my shopping lists in one place and be done. I look forward to each pin and sometimes have to hold back from doing them all at once! (shh! I did three today) I almost want to commit myself to more than five per week, but I am going to take this committment on slowly, so I'll stick to five for now.  Last night I did my own project--non-pinned that I'm going to post about someday. The hardest part has been sitting down to put it all on the blog.  I love that I can look back at all my pins, it is just hard sometimes to sit down and do it.

In conclusion, I am so happy I started this. I feel like my quality of life has increased. I feel my creative soul waking up. I'm going to stick to it a little longer.

Oh, and my pin board is up to 542.

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