Saturday, February 25, 2012

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Claim to be Dallas-style Brisket Tacos

I absolutely LOVE the brisket Tacos at Mia's in Dallas. I dream of them. When I was in the hospital laboring with my youngest, my "push present" was Mia's Brisket Tacos. Some women get Gucci bags or diamond rings. I got Mia's. When I found this recipe that actually says it is of Mia's style, I couldn't wait to try it out.

In combining my desire to have brisket tacos with my necessity to keep my family under budget, I had to skimp on the meat and buy a cheaper cut, so they weren't exactly like the Mia's of my dreams. If I closed my eyes, I could taste it there though. Mmmmmm. My husband skipped the peppers and onions, but I really thought they made the dish--adding good flavor where the quality of meat was lost.

Total cost: around $15 to feed four

Total time: Hands on 45 min, 6 hours slow roasting

Final Verdict: Unless I can get a good quality cut of meat, I'll just go to Mia's. It will be worth the drive and then they can do the dishes.

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